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SA Energy Services, operating in Adelaide and greater South Australia, are the meter reading experts of WINConnect. We specialise in electricity sub-meters that form part of an inset network. This can entail monthly physical reads or managing the data from automated meter reading systems.SA Energy Service visits about 8,000+ commercial tenancies in 200+ buildings each month in Adelaide. We apply quality procedures in the delivery of our meter reading service. Our reading services include:

  • Periodic (monthly) meter reading - automatic and manual
  • Meter disconnections and reconnections
  • Special meter reading, final reads and property inspections
  • Meter testing and fault reporting

Through our metering partners and harnessing the national buying power of WINConnect, we are able to source the best deals for the supply and installation of new metering situations.The staff of SA Energy Services pride themselves on efficiency and professionalism. In pursuit of their meter reading rounds each month, they are very much the customer facing arm of the company. Safety is of paramount concern and our meter readers adhere to our best-practice standards and procedures.


The firm was established by industry stalwart Stuart Perkins who, in retiring, sold the business to WINConnect in 2015. Stuart takes paternalistic pride in having bought sub-metering services to the SA market so that commercial building owners can realise their investment in electrical infrastructure. In many respects, Stuart forged the industry. His staff continue today to deliver the same metering services.

Electricity Metering

For new installations, SA Energy Services uses Advanced Electronic Revenue Meters with advanced measurement and analysis capabilities. All meters meet the National Metering Institute’s (NMI) metrological and technical requirements, in line with NMI M 6-1 Electricity Meters Part 1: Metrological and Technical Requirements, and have received NMI Pattern Approval. These meters are also compliant with Australian Standards for Electricity metering equipment, AS 62052.11 and AS 62053.21. The use of quality metering equipment is essential to the delivery of reliable energy consumption data for the accurate billing of customers within our inset networks.

The latest in metering innovation allow our meters to record energy consumption every 15 minutes and store up to 140 days of data on the individual meter. This level of consumption data not only provides us with an increased level of data accuracy and the ability to investigate customer queries, but also gives customers the opportunity to access data which can help them make informed choices about their energy use habits.

Site Optimisation

We exclusively offer embedded network optimization audits. If you operate an embedded electricity network, you want to ensure that every electron is accounted for. SA Energy Services and WINconnect brings to the market an audit service, derived from our extensive operational experience Maybe it is as simple as the right meter on the wrong tenancy.

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Inset Networks

Private electricity networks (known as inset or embedded networks) capitalise on the bulk supply of power into a single point. Owners of buildings are able to on-sell the power to tenants subject to several criteria. One of these is to provide accurate metering. This is what we do.The other aspects of service delivery, in terms of embedded network management, are facilitated by our parent company WINConnect. WINConnect offer the best-in-market billing operations through Adelaide based EMS.

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